Sunday, October 24, 2004

Recent Java 1.5 Articles

* To Annotate or Not? "...when the goal is really about adding layers of metadata on top of the source and that applies uniquely to specific code elements, metadata in Java should fill the bill perfectly. The ability to supply the metadata at the same time and locality as the code increases ease of development. Not only is development made easier but the processing is also much simpler, because the object model is defined by the annotation type definitions themselves."
* GETTING TO KNOW SYNTH "Synth is a new look and feel added to project Swing in J2SE 5.0. Synth is a skinnable (that is, a customizable) look and feel, where the "skin" (that is, the user interface) is controlled by an XML file. Instead of customizing the look and feel by providing default properties to the UIManager in a Properties table, you load in an XML file with component definitions. That means you can create a custom look without writing code."
* While not 1.5 releated, IBM security providers: An overview, shows JAAS login modules for OS/390, AIX, and Windows (both Active directory and NT 4).
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