Saturday, October 16, 2004

SWAP Highlights

From the Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives program:
* Peer-to-Peer Semantic Coordination which considers "...the problem of coordinating hierarchical classifications". A paper on the algorithm listed, CtxMatch, is "Improving CtxMatch by means of grammatical and ontological knowledge – in order to handle attributes".
* RDFGrowth and the Dbin Project. Another paper was published here. Dbin is "..a p2p semantic web algorithm designed so that each single peer is only allowed to cause a minimal, bounded, remote computational burden".
* Semantic Web Tool Evaluation "We have tested the following systems: Jena, Sesame, RdfSuite, Triple, RdfStore, 4Suite, RdfDB....RDF(S) is unable to express basic representation needs typical in simple ontologies...few tools are unable to correctly handle RDF(S) semantic web tool is able to correctly handle even OWL-Lite...the only tool able to correctly handle OWL-Lite ontologies is the description logic inference engine Racer." I'm not sure quite how correct these statements are, maybe with respect to the projects listed, I know we intend for Kowari to support RDFS and OWL-Lite.
* Querying the Semantic Web: a new approach Also talks about using CtxMatch, "...we introduce in the paper a first set of semantic parameters we consider relevant: (i) the type of relation, i.e., the semantic relation that holds between a concept of the source schemas and concepts in the target schemas (e.g., equivalence, greater or lesser generality); (ii) the ontological distance, namely the distance between a source and a target concept with respect to some reference ontology; and (iii) the lexical distance, that is the distance between the formulation of semantically related concepts in different schemas."
* A Framework for Unified Information Browsing Which discusses the RDFX Project.
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