Friday, November 26, 2004

MEST Architecture

The MEST architectural style "We have both agreed that we shouldn’t call our architectural style ProcessMessage after all. Instead, we decided to call it MEST (MESsage Transfer) so as to recognise the big influence REST had in this work and our thinking in general. So, after all the blog entries and the discussions with the community, we have finally arrived to the MEST architectural style of which ProcessMessage is part."

WWW2005 Tutorial: Architecting and Developing Message-Oriented Web Services "Savas and I have been accepted to present a tutorial at WWW2005 in Chiba next year. We're going to be talking about message-orientation and the MEST architectural style. Our approach is going to be very interactive: We'll be doing head-to-head live coding and will have the audience involved right the way through.

Broadly speaking, we're going to introduce a simple problem domain (probably a simple game), get the audience to work through the domain with us, identifying the services and message exchanges involved, then we'll code up a solution. Once we've got a solution in place we'll break it in various interesting ways and show how various WS-* protocols can help prevent such breakages from occuring."
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