Monday, November 29, 2004

Python and PHP

The Next Language "The vast majority of J2EE deployments (over 80% according to Gartner) are simply Servlet/JSP to JDBC applications. Basically HTML front-ends to relational databases. It is ironic that much of what makes Java complicated today is all of its numerous band-aid extensions, such as generics and JSP templates, which were added to make these types of simple applications easier to develop."

"Apparently what is needed is a language/environment that is loosely typed in order to encapsulate XML well and that can efficiently process text. It should be very well suited for specifying control flow. And it should be a thin veneer over the operating system."

Just to make this clear, the idea that the future of application development is turning them into "a big text pump" seems rather foreign and completely opposite to where application development seems to be going.
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