Friday, December 03, 2004

Keeping Secrets

When Secrets Make Sense "Recently I wrote a short piece making a strong and general claim that the same forces that are pushing data towards XML are pushing software towards Open Source." From that article "These days, interoperation and integration are everything. You’d better have open interfaces, open networks, open services; that is, open data."

"’I'll put my finger on two pieces of Apple technology that benefit from being (for now) closed-source: Aqua and the video part of iChat. Both of them contain some magic that nobody else has figured out how to do yet, and if they can figure out how to make a few bucks in the gap before the world catches up, more power to ’em."

"Closed source isn’t over or anything like that. It’s just headed for a niche role, business-wise."

Not sure I believe that XML is the force to free you from vendor lock-in. RDF is of course - remember to put all your data in Kowari/TKS though, you know it makes sense.
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