Wednesday, December 15, 2004


* Unit Test Patterns "...two things are needed--a formalization of unit testing by establishing unit test patterns, and the early adoption of object oriented design patterns in the developing application to specifically target the needs of unit testing."
* FIT "Fit allows customers, testers, and programmers to learn what their software should do and what it does do. It automatically compares customers' expectations to actual results."
* SelfEsteem "SelfEsteem is a graphical presentation of Acceptance Test results."
* Marathon Similar to Abbot, JFCUnit, and GUITAR.
* XMLUnit.
* MockEJB "MockEJB is a lightweight framework for running EJBs. MockEJB implements javax.ejb APIs and creates Home and EJBObject implementation classes for your EJBs. Internally, MockEJB relies on dynamic proxies and interceptors...Additionally, MockEJB comes with the "mock" implementation of non-EJB APIs. Currently it provides in-memory JNDI and JMS implementations which can be used independently from MockEJB's EJB support."
* ThoughtWorks OSS.
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