Thursday, January 06, 2005

AudioMan meets Kowari

AudioMan and Kowari "The only problem is the ID3 parser implementation, I guess it chokes on my iTunes-tagged files. I’m not aware of any Java ID3 lib that gets this right, let’s hope Ryan’s jid3rL can solve this."

"About AudioMan(ager), I’m considering if I should use Kowari. I always liked the idea of storing the AudioManager data as triples, but Kowari looks big and complex to me, at least for the moment. However, Kowari would nicely fit into Durham. I’d imagine the existing MP3 content handler could be modified to use the jid3rL parser, and additional handlers be created for XPSF, M3U, Ogg, etc.

For now AudioManager will stick with the Jena API (as I was already using it and Kowari provides some Jena interfaces anyway), and I’ll get working on MusicBrainz integration."
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