Saturday, January 08, 2005

How to Make Code Rule

Why Your Code Sucks "If you don't have tests for your code, it sucks. And I mean comprehensive, fine grained, programmer tests (aka something like unit tests), as well as higher level functional and integration tests. Tests that are automated. Tests that are run routinely. With the programmer tests run after any change to the code...Writing tests before you write the code means that the code is testable by definition."

"Code should be easy to read. Steve McConnell made the statement at his SD West '04 keynote that code should be convienent to read, not convienent to write...Choose style and formating conventions early in the project, and conform to them."

"When making framework decisions, consider if a lighter framework will do the required job. Using something like Hibernate, Prevayler, Spring, PicoContainer, NakedObjects, etc. can be a real win in many situations. Never blindly adopt a heavy framework just because it's the current bandwagon. Likewise, don't blindly adopt a lightweight framework in defiance. Always give due consideration to your choices."
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