Sunday, January 02, 2005

Memory Bank

Break "Another frustration is that Tucana was the best job I'd had in years, which is why I stayed so long (5 years, including 4 months when I took unpaid leave to go contracting when Tucana ran out of money). We all know quite a lot about RDF and OWL now, and I think we've made something pretty good in Kowari and TKS, but that expertise is all about to go to waste. While some people in Australia are looking at RDF, there are no commercial organisations in Brisbane who have moved that far ahead yet. As a result, everyone will end up working in completely unrelated areas.

From my perspective, I was enjoying learning how to infer for OWL in Kowari. Since my Masters relies upon this I'll be continuing to work on Kowari in my own time. I'll just have to be disciplined as I won't get the opportunity to work on Kowari in my work time."

I haven't yet sat down and listed all the ideas we've had over the last 3 or so years working on this stuff. From what I can tell we've got heaps of ideas (good/ordinary/bad) that need to be written out and explained. Wonder GUI, handling blank nodes in a multi-user distributed database, naming graphs and so on. The recent talk about agile databases is something that one of our very first customers started using TKS for and something that Ben and others talked about ages ago. At the very least, we shouldn't let the ideas disappear with the company.
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