Wednesday, January 12, 2005

More FTrain

Installing updates "Ftrain is on hiatus for many reasons, all of them good. First, it is on hiatus because I am writing a book...I am also starting a full-time job in February, rather than sitting around the house in my socks. & I'm getting well underway with coding a real, grown-up version of the framework under this site, which I must do in order for the new job. Thus, I'll give away more code for building weird semantic webbish sites soon, under an open-source license, if anyone wants it. For real this time. I swear. I really want to. I won't screw it up. It will be a combination of Apache2 mod_rewrite rules, PHP5, XSLT, MySQL, and the Sesame RDF engine, and you'll need to understand all five technologies to use it. It won't have a content management interface aside from weird XML files, and it won't work at all when you start it up. You'll love that.
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