Saturday, January 15, 2005

A New Startup

Bill Coleman Just Can't Stay Retired "Three years ago, it sounded as though William Coleman was planning on kicking back and enjoying his retirement. The co-founder of Internet software maker BEA Systems (BEAS ) had plans to spend time with his wife, do some skiing near his second home in Aspen, Colo., and work on fund-raising for the Coleman Center...With more than $50 million in venture funding and 115 employees, he's aiming to recreate the magic of his early days at BEA...It was like starting BEA. I have a philosophy that if you want to build mission-critical software, if you don't bring in a team that has been together for at least five years, you're not going to get it right.

At BEA, we bought the Tuxedo product line and WebLogic. You're buying a team, buying a competence. When we started this, [we looked at] this company called Unlimited Scale.... These guys had been with Cray [Computers] (CRAY ) for at least 20 years and started a stand-alone company in 2000. Basically, they broke the scale problem. So I bought that company. "
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