Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Winning Web

Why we will win "But do you think, being OS independent is enough? Are you content with having your programs run everywhere? If so, fine. But you shouldn't be. You should ask for more. You also want to be independent of applications! Take back your data. Data wants to be free, not locked inside an application. After you have written your text in Word, you want to be able to work with it in your Latex typesetter. After getting contact information via a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone, you want to be able to send an eMail to the contact from your web mail account."

"Using a common data model with well defined semantics and solving tons of interoperability questions (Charset, syntax, file transfer) and being able to declare semantic mappings with ontologies - just try to imagine that! Applications being aware of each other, speaking a common language - but without standard bodies discussing it for years, defining it statically, unmoving.

There is a common theme in the IT history towards more freedom. I don't mean free like in free speech, I mean free like in free will.

That's why we will win."
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