Thursday, February 17, 2005

Achieving WS Functionality with REST

REST design questions "REST in its now-broadened meaning is easy to explain: pieces of data (likely XML-encoded) sit out there on the web, and you manipulate them using HTTP’s GET, PUT, and DELETE methods..."

"This very simplicity should raise some alarm bells, though. RDF also has an apparently simple data model, but for RDF 1.0, at least, the model turned out to be painfully incomplete, as I found out when I implemented my RDF parsing library. Is REST hiding any of the same traps? "

REST design question #2: listing and discovering resources "The second in my series of REST design questions is how to handle listing and paging, or, in fancier jargon, resource discovery. I prefer concrete examples, so I’ll start with one that I know is flawed and then try to find ways to fix it."
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