Thursday, February 17, 2005

RDF/XML for Aliens

Master Foo explains XML to Aliens "Aliens: What about knowledge representation? Fundamental building blocks such as subject, predicate, object triples, you have another technology for that form of data presumably?

Master Foo: No, increasingly all that data is in XML too."

"And so the conversation between Master Foo and the Aliens continued long into the night. In the morning, Master Foo popped up his instant messenger client to tell the world of his encounter with the aliens.

'They have not invented XML', he said, 'because they do not need it.'. Instead, they have developed technologies that we would probably call CSV++, XHTML++ and N3++[1]. Looks very sensible to me. I'm going back to their place. Bye.'.

Master Foo left to live with the aliens. That surprised everyone."
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