Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Registry holds the keys to SOA success "UDDI is certainly gaining momentum, we have two customers interested in moving to UDDI; but from a metadata perspective a number of people want to go a lot further." In the meantime, too, other developments have been taking place. Blue Titan instead uses a metadata repository which can be rendered as UDDI but others are pursuing different standards proposals, such as WS-MetadataExchange, which is being proposed by IBM and Microsoft...A registry without UDDI is not going to work in an SOA. But where it lacks is the ability to map the business into the overall SOA model."

"In fact, Graham Glass, CTO of webMethods, speaking at last November's XML and Web Services conference, highlighted this disconnect with everything outside of the services environment as one of the key weaknesses in SOA. "We think UDDI is a good specification. But if you create a shopping list of all the parts of your IT infractructure — services, schemas, business processes, portlets, workflows and databases for example — if you try to do all this in UDDI it would be very hard."

Glass called for UDDI to widen its scope and embrace some of the emerging standards in the semantice web such as RDF."

"He [Lipton] concludes: "It's more complicated than to string a single thing in the middle that everybody has to go to and say: "Mother may I?" That's not very peer-to-peer or distributed — that's so 1980s client/server.""
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