Friday, February 11, 2005

XForms XPlodes

Top 10 XForms Engines "...the XForms implementation landscape has intensified. Of the ten engines previously listed, a healthy seven make a repeat appearance, having made significant improvements. IBM's XML Forms Package narrowly missed being on the list--only because it hasn't been refreshed in a while. Even so, IBM still makes an appearance here, through their joint work on XForms-in-Mozilla. That work is part of the latest buzz in the XForms world, along with the other the new entrants.

Other new entries in this year's list are an OpenOffice implementation, a second Novell engine as an IE plugin, an updated Oracle engine that now can run inside IE, and two new approaches to implementing XForms without plugins in modern browsers. (Because of double entries, there are actually more than ten engines in this top-ten list. Go figure.) With the availability of native browsers and plugins, server solutions, and even mobile devices, XForms has a wider reach than ever."

"Also, Chiba can now run on the client in a hidden Java applet, thanks to a new technology called "convex." Look for Chiba to continue to blur the line between client and server-side processing. This is a good thing."
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