Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Agile Services

I'm probably just combining two buzz words to appear like a consultant, but it's more like RDF for Agile Services.

When You Sit Down To Write A Description " discover that doing so is unnecessary."

"In a REST-style service, we want an analogy to the self describing hypermedia we have in the HTML scenario. First let's assume we'll use some form of XML as our hypermedia. It's easy to imagine a XML document. Maybe even more machine friendly would be an RDF document -- a bunch of RDF statements. Your client invokes GET on the well known URL of the service, and receives an RDF form. The RDF form describes the names of parameters and how to serialize them. So just as in the user driven HTML case, the client needs no foreknowledge of what the neccessary parameters do, or even what their names are. But we still need an automated "user" to fill out those parameters. Since the RDF form describes the parameters in RDF, your client can map the RDF types of those parameters to elements in its data model. Your client has to "understand" the service's ontology, sure. But that is a one-time mapping of ontology elements to, say, SQL queries."

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