Thursday, March 03, 2005


HyperJournal "HyperJournals versus “core journals”. By clicking on an author’s name, the HyperJournal system automatically searches the entire HyperJournal network and produces a citation list that includes all the articles written by the author, all the articles the author has cited, and all the articles that cite the author. Comprehensive bibliometric lists can thereby be composed without the need to rely on the manual consultation of a small set of “core journals,” often exclusively in English. In this system, by contrast, it will be the actual give-and-take of academic discourse, registered automatically on the network through citations, which will signal the prestige of a journal (even of small niche journals written in so-called minor languages) and establish the reputation of scholars. In addition, through the use of (semantic web) RDF describers, bibliometric lists can be constructed that distinguish, for example, between positive and negative citations."
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