Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Kowari Changes since Pre-Release 2

Here's what's been committed so far (further updates will be put here):
* Transaction Timeout configurable. SR
* Client JRDF modifications - client side API now handles blank nodes, currently memory bound. AN
* KModel modifications - modified with changes to client JRDF and added RMI versions of API. Have to finish blank node client side changes. AN
* MP3 Content handler - changed to use different library. AN
* JRDF's RDF/XML parser (based on RIO) passes all tests. AN/DM
* UUID changes for blank node generation in JRDF and Kowari. RT/AN
* Fulltext acceptance tests now work without making changes to the OS environment. AN
* xsd:dateTime now millisecond accurate - also now using thread safe version to parser/format dates. ES/AN
* Refactoring of Tuples layer. More to come to remove duplication, reduce coupling and possibly adding features. AN
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