Tuesday, June 14, 2005

JRDF for Learning

In the past I used another project to practically use trendy new things like patterns, XML, Swing, etc. Similarly, I'm going to use JRDF for the same purpose. Kowari is a bit too big for things like going over to Java 1.5, IoC, mocking (real unit tests), lock free alogirthms (including B-Trees) and a few other things that I want to try. I'm not sure it's possible to have a system that doesn't have transactions but it would be interesting to find out. So basically this is just to let people know to expect some changes in JRDF.

Practically, it might mean an RDF/XML based pull parser, persistent JRDF, and more interesting APIs. I'm convinced that developing web services is too expensive and may implode under its own weight - so maybe something based on netKernel or a REST based framework would be a good idea. At the moment I'm just using it to see how much I can get out of IntelliJ.
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