Monday, August 15, 2005

Fun in the Sun

* XmlBeansSerializer and Axis 1.3. This looks promising (again). The second in the thread mentions that the XFire project now has server side support. A new startup is now providing support for Axis too. New FLA (four letter acroynm) SASH (Struts, Axis, Spring and Hibernate).
* Introducing AXIOM: The Axis Object Model Introducing AXIOM: The Axis Object Model "AXIOM uses a "builder" that will build the XML object model in memory, according to the events pulled from the underlying StAX parser, but will not create the entire object model at once. Instead, it only builds when the relevant information is absolutely required." Also, OM Tutorial.
* IBM Integrated Ontology Development Toolkit "EODM is the run-time library that allows the application to put in and put out an RDFS/OWL ontology in RDF/XML format; manipulate an ontology using Java objects; call an inference engine and access inference results; and transform between ontology and other models." Also mentions support for SPARQL and OWL DL.
* Encapsulation vs. Inheritance "Inheritance indicates strong encapsulation with other classes, but weak encapsulation between a superclass and its subclasses."
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