Monday, August 22, 2005

Things I've Read

* Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory related to Boing Boing's $250,000 Intelligent Design challenge (UPDATED: $1 million) and Flying Spaghetti Monster.
* JUnit-Addons and GSBase so at least only two software projects have to reinvent the wheel.
* Non-blocking Data Sharing in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems "In this paper, we present an efficient non-blocking solution to the general readers/writers inter-task communication problem our solution allows any arbitrary number of readers and writers to perform their respective operations."
* Why I Prefer SOA to REST "The problem is that although it is easy to model resources as services as shown in the example in many cases it is quite difficult to model a service as a resource. For example, a service that validates a credit card number can be modeled as a validateCreditCardNumber(string cardNumber) service. On the other hand it is unintuitive how one would model the service as a resource. For this reason I prefer to think about distributed applications in terms of services as opposed to resources." Now people can just argue about what is intuitive (credit card gateways on the Web existed before SOAP - must have been REST I guess).
* I Need a New Language: Rel? "I want a language for table programming. I think you can write programs in this language that do everything we expect of an application programming language -- building GUIs, reacting to mouse events, listening to sockets -- everything. Don't model your domain as objects. Model it as relations...I can imagine programs that have a relvar (Date's term for a relational variable: essentially a table or a view) for MouseState."
* Package Scoping And Unit Testing "Package scoping particularly shines during unit testing. Some programmers argue that you should only test through the public API. Don't be silly. Limiting your tests to the public API contradicts the spirit of unit testing and subjects you to unnecessary dependency pain. I prefer to isolate and limit the amount of code I test at one time, and test as close to the code as possible." Somewhat related, JSR 277 - Java Module System
* Web as Platform Mash-Ups "There have been a lot of excellent posts and articles this week about APIs, the Web as Platform, web sites as software companies, and so forth..."
* Ruby, Python, "Power" "There are different opinions on the relative power of Ruby and Python. I'm not much more authoritative than other resources (though I'm not less authoritative either; most comparisons between the two languages are flawed). Ultimately I don't believe there are many (any?) places where one language is more "powerful" than the other (and not just in the "they are both Turing complete" sense)"
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