Friday, September 30, 2005

Evolution not creation

Another speech by Adam Bosworth He talked mostly on a TDD/Agile theme where applications are developed in 2 week iterations based directly on customer usage. This offers a better alternative to software architects spending years in seclusion developing the be-all and end-all API and developers hoping that they will get what they need. He cited Windows as an example of this approach. Unsurpisingly, this leads to more tightly coupled code as reported in the recent article about Microsoft rewriting Windows by the Wall Street Journal.

Bosworth calls this approach intelligent reaction rather than intelligent design. Google, eBay and Salesforce were given as examples of this application driven rather than API driven development.

Relating this back to RDF and agile databases, the experience at Salesforce is that the most significant amount of effort is spent customising the data not in other areas such as the user-interface or processing logic. While he doesn't give a reason for data over processing he does say that customised user interfaces are too expensive because they require more user training.

A transcript of some of the talk is available at: Bosworth: The new model is, 'run like mad'.
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