Thursday, September 15, 2005

Really Dynamic Framework

Semantic Rails, Semantic Django: Pushing RDF into MVC "...what Rails-Django would look like if instead of SQL and RDBMS... What if the "M" in MVC were composed of RDF, SPARQL, and a triplestore like Kowari?

Sure, Kowari is probably slower than MySQL, and you probably know SQL a lot better than SPARQL, but RDF is a schemaless data representation thingie. You can start with as little or as much schema as you want or need, and you can use the full expressive power of OWL (which is significantly more powerful than SQL's DDL) when you need it."

Four points are raised in "Semantic MVC".

nodel - HOWTO "Nodel is a kind of application generator. It is a halfway house between the ontomatic, which isn't yet stable enough in implementation or customisable enough in interface, and the nodedb, which was very hardcoded and application specific."

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