Saturday, November 26, 2005

Military Intelligence and IQL

Smart Searching "Sources of intelligence in the field include feeds from UAVs, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data from a vast array of sensors and overhead platforms, signal intelligence, satellites, film and video, not to mention all the data from the open source world."

"To conduct research and analysis effectively, DIA relies on a broad inventory of technology tools from such companies as Endeca Technologies, Basis Technology, Inxight Software, Insightful, Attensity, Convera, NetOwl and Clearforest."

"Many of the search engines familiar to consumers, such as Google, are based on Boolean logic to perform a search with complex, long queries. But the Boolean language is not as expressive as it could be in the kind of query one can pose. “The InFact Query Language (IQL) can express in three words what would take 20 lines using Boolean language,” said Marchisio.

Although Insightful offers a four-hour course on using IQL, it is currently working to increase usability in order to eliminate the need for the course and to reach a broader audience among those who are not all super users or might not have the time to learn how to use the technology."

Examples of the InFact query language can be performed on the live demo here. For example: "USA > invade > Iraq - returns links to all sentences mentioning USA invading Iraq", "[organization] > win> contract - returns links to sentences mentioning who won contracts" and "* > attack > 1st Infantry Division - returns links to sentences mentioning the division being attacked".

Also related to this area, using Semantic Web technologies is Ontology Works offering integration into legacy systems and terabyte scale knowledge servers.
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