Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sudoku SQL

Solving Sudoku with SQL "To make it even more fun for myself, I embarked on an exercise to write a program that solves Sudoku puzzles. And to make it even more challenging I decided not to write the program in the popular object-oriented fashion (Java, C++, C#, etc.) or in any of the old-fashioned procedural programming languages (Pascal, C, Basic etc); but in Transact SQL, within SQL Server 2000. Basically, I wanted to see how the features of T-SQL can be used to develop something like a Sudoku puzzle solution. I have learnt some useful things from the exercise, which I’m eager to pass on to my fellow programmers.

T-SQL is rich in in-built programming functions and features. Far from being just for holding and manipulating data, T-SQL is a programming language in its own right. Many algorithm-based problems that used to be solved with mainstream procedural or object-oriented languages can now be dealt with completely within SQL Server using T-SQL, because not only does it have the usual programming constructs such as ‘While…End’; ‘Case’ and ‘Ifs’; it also, of course, has SQL."

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