Tuesday, April 04, 2006

For new MacBook Pro Owners

Apple Addresses MacBook Pro Issues "According to Apple, it has begun replacing the mainboard inside its MacBook Pros with a new revision. It calls the udpated product "revision D", which is indentifiable by product serial number.

* Serial numbers starting with W8611: revision D
* Serial numbers starting with W8610: revision C

Apple said that revision D MacBook Pros have many issues addressed and improvements made, including fixes to the above mentioned issues. We were also able to get a hold of a MacBook Pro that just arrived during the week with a serial number starting with W8612, which did not exhibit any of the above issues."

10.4.6 is out, start your downloads and has fixes for Spotlight and the MacBook Pro.

There's also a new article which seems self explanatory: How to use your PowerBook G4 or MacBook Pro with the display closed.
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