Sunday, April 02, 2006

Many Mock Frameworks

Mock frameworks - the two main ones for Java are EasyMock and JMock. My current preference is EasyMock. Largely because EasyMock is not tied to extending a test case. This allows the shortcuts to move into test utilities - a common one is a controller factory that lets you rollup the reply/verify methods into single calls instead of calling each controller separately.

Paul King, has written up a little example of Mock Alternatives describing using EasyMock, JMock, RMock and Groovy. Tom has also made his slides available from a recent talk he gave about what I'll call Mock driven design (MDD - see "Why and When to Use Mock Objects"). Take that TDD (Test Driven Developer/Test Driven Design) or BDD (behavior driven design). Much of the interesting stuff was around the discussions and shared frustrations - especially which stage people were at with respect to what level of testing various developers and organizations were at. I think it's also important to devise strategies on how to work with different levels of tests and developers.
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