Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Aspects - A Transactional Thing

I've recently been looking at transactions in Spring 2.0 - it certainly has more things to make your code sing.

The Spring 2.0 Transaction document has some useful information on using a TransactionTemplate to wrap transactional operations. Of course, the best way is Spring AOP for declarative transaction management and using Java 5.0's annotations.

There's a previous discussion of applying transactions using Spring 1.x using Hibernate in, Wire Hibernate Transactions in Spring.

Javapolis Spring Update and Maven 2.0 (see also, this Maven 2.0 article) most of talks are well worth a listen.

Articles on using the new AOP features in Spring 2.0: Typed Advice in Spring 2.0 (M2) (about finding methods in Spring AOP) and POJO Aspects in Spring 2.0: A Simple Example.

An article on JPA (Java Persistance API), Using the Java Persistence API with Spring 2.0.
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