Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another Spring 2.0 Update

What's new in Spring 2.0? " Previous versions of Spring had IoC container level support for exactly two distinct bean scopes (singleton and prototype). Spring 2.0 improves on this by not only providing a number of additional scopes depending on the environment in which Spring is being deployed (for example, request and session scoped beans in a web environment), but also by providing 'hooks' (for want of a better word) so that Spring users can integrate their own scopes with (hopefully) a minimum of effort.

It should be noted that although the underlying (and internal) implementation for singleton- and prototype-scoped beans has been changed, said change is totally transparent to the end user... no existing configuration needs to change, and no existing configuration will break."

No more Spring Session Components Workarounds. Although, custom bean scopes shouldn't be worked on until RC1.

Ben Hale's Atlanta DevCon 2006 via Atlanta DevCon 2006.
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