Monday, May 08, 2006

Continuations in JVM/CLR

Can the CLR "go dynamic"? Absolutely... and arguably, already is "Continuations are not impossible to support, however they are currently more or less impossible to support given the current lack of access to the underlying stack frames in the managed environment--you'd need some support from the runtimes (either the JVM or the CLR) to make it work. Such runtime support would not be too difficult to add, however, as both environments already have rich and powerful stack-walking mechanisms (because both environments use the thread stack as bookkeeping tools, among other things, and need to be able to crawl through those stack markers for a variety of reasons, such as security checks), and it would not be hard to create a runtime-level mechanism that allowed code to "take a snapshot" of the stack--and its related object graph--from a certain point to a certain point, and save off that state to some arbitrary location. In many respects, it would be similar to serializing an object, I believe."

A list of new features from include: invokedynamic, hotswapping, tail calls and continuations.
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