Saturday, May 13, 2006

Free the Worker

Open letter to CEOs, COOs, CIOs and CFOs across the corporate world "No amount of posters, incentive programs, PowerPoint presentations or slogans on websites will affect the hearts and minds of your employees...many of your managers act betrayed when their employees tell them they want to leave the company. This is an absolute double standard and should be stopped immediately...Explain how your business works and why it is so exciting for you to run. Make them into better businesspeople so that they can grow their opportunities and net worth. And for God's sake share the profits...Don't ask for your employees' input if you are not going to listen to it...I have witnessed people playing video games at their desk until their manager leaves "just so they won't think that I am slacker." Huh? It is not a badge of honor to work 18 hours a day."

Also, Open letter to employees across the corporate world "If you want your life to grow in a positive direction, surround yourself with people who are eager to learn, problem-solve and support each other. I don't mean you can never complain - just don't get stuck whining all the time...Don't think of your job as a paycheck, think of it as a learning opportunity...You choose to be in your current situation, otherwise you would have changed it. So don't give away your power. If you are miserable, follow the advice above and move yourself to a better place."

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