Saturday, May 06, 2006

Leading the Way

Semantic Breakthrough "McDonald Bradley's Parmelee agrees, saying that defining terms in an ontology is not very different from what developers do in the database world. "The same logic that goes into an ER [entity relationship] diagram or a multidimensional database allows you to distinguish between objects and relationships in an ontology," she says. "We are conducting lab experiments associated with a large data integration project in which we use the Oracle Spatial RDF capabilities of Oracle Database 10g for storing data in RDF format. This format preserves the true graph-based representation of the ontology model, rather than trying to fit a graph-based structure into a standard relational mold.""

""Oracle is leading the marketplace by embedding Semantic Web capabilities into its database, enabling computers to aggregate data and make inferences about data relationships," he says. "Oracle is in a great position here since the companies that benefit the most from the Semantic Web are large, distributed, global operations, where Oracle is already the database vendor of choice.""

Better searching, Web Services, grid computing, and enterprise integration are all mentioned as applications.

Via, Semantic Mainstream.
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