Friday, June 16, 2006

Explicit Semantics

Here is another bunch of JPA articles.

Refactoring the EJB APIs "Annotations are very useful for things that are semantically part of the application. As an example, consider dependencies that your application has on an environment resource. That's intrinsic to your application: If that dependency is not satisfied, then your application isn't going to run. So that's a declaration of a dependency. Dependency on another EJB with a particular interface type is another such dependency. Those dependencies will have to be satisfied in the deployment environment, but are also intrinsic to the semantics of the application."

An Introduction to Java Persistence for Client-Side Developers "Since it was also designed to be implementation independent, you can change your database or persistence provider as your needs change and not worry about anything breaking. Though Java Persistence was originally designed for server tasks, it performs beautifully in client applications, letting client-side developers spend less time on storage and more time on what they are good at: building killer GUIs."
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