Friday, July 07, 2006

JRuby now does Rails**

"** We are able to generate and run the cookbook demo from rolling with rails tutorial ( with what we have and all appears to work. With this said, it is likely that there are several aspects of rails that are not working correctly. See docs/README.rails for known issues/instructions in release."

JRuby "WEBrick runs...Ruby on Rails runs on top of WEBrick (and generation scripts work)**"

Time for a free lunch:

"I believe I've found a 'free lunch' in Ruby on rails. Oh, it's not always free. If I need to do two-phased commit or hardcore object relational mapping, this lunch may cost me more than I'm willing to pay. But often enough, it's for all practical purposes free.

* I can train a team of Rails developers faster than I can teach a new Java developer Spring plus Hibernate plus whatever web mvc you want plus all of the other frameworks and tools Java developers have to know.
* I can build my applications much faster than I could before.
* For many applications, the latency in the database is the overriding concern, so I don't even notice differences in performance.
* I can trivially expose web services, letting other applications, potentially written in other languages, quickly access my Rails services.

Now, I know that some will tell me that the lunch really isn't free. But you can tell that to my customers that pay a fraction of the price they'd pay for a Java application, and get something that's easier to maintain, just as fast, and on an earlier schedule. From that exec's perspective, the lunch is free."
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