Monday, October 23, 2006


Happy sheep (mp3) "There are more than 110-million sheep in Australia. Almost 3-and-a-half million are exported overseas every year. In a bid to allay public concern about sheep welfare, a group of CSIRO scientists in NSW is working on a rather unusual project.

They're trying to work out how to tell if a sheep is happy."

Firstly, they have been able to train sheep to press a lever when they were discontent and they also found that sheep have a sense of time.

Now to the point, when sheep are in a paddock without shade they will just be distributed throughout the paddock. However, if they are hot (discontent) and there are trees they will obviously move to the shade. So it's difficult to tell the difference between a discontent sheep that has no other option or a content sheep. If there is an alternative and they are discontent then they will move to the better alternative.
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