Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The State of the Semantic Web

TripCom define their project as: "We will improve the ideas of Tuple Space computing by adding semantics by use of a graph-based data-model to rely on Triples. The Triple Space serves as a persistent publication system for semantically linked information in semantically clustered subspaces. We will develop a scalable and linkable Triple Space storage, based on improving and combining current RDF Stores and Tuple Space infrastructures."

I came across their "State of the art and Requirements Analysis" it mentions YARS, Jena, Sesame, 3store, Kowari, JRDF, Edutella and Oracle. They seem especially keen on YARSQL and its support for provenance. They also seem interested in extending SPARQL to support subqueries and inserting and deleting statements.
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