Thursday, November 16, 2006

Web 2.0 is the new Applets

Web "Me2.0" -- Exploding the Myth of Web 2.0 "Web 2.0 is a myth -- there is no Web 2.0...I've seen this before -- it happened just over 10 years ago in the early days of Java applets. I should know, I launched -- which was THE portal for Java apps. Well guess what -- 10 years later, what remains of all those Java applets? Not the hundreds of thousands of little applets that people made (even though some were actually quite wonderful). No. They are almost all gone. Instead, what really survived and continues to grow is the Java platform itself, and large Java application platforms and development tools. That's where the real value is."

Nova has a bunch of interesting postings recently including: "Web 3.0 Versus Web 2.0", "Does the Semantic Web = Web 3.0? and "New York Times Article About the Emerging Semantic Web" (all about the recent NY Times article on the Semantic Web, the hype and misconceptions), "What is the Semantic Web, Actually?" and "The Meaning and Future of the Semantic Web".
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