Friday, November 03, 2006

Win Some, Lose Some

In, Rocking with Ruby, I made the outlandish claims that: "Continuations are going to be a key piece of infrastructure.". So maybe not, with the recent news that Seaside is going away from it: "One thing I’d like to do is reduce the dependence of Seaside on continuations - they drove a lot of the initial interest in the framework but they’re becoming (or seeming) much less important over time, and the use cases to which they’re best suited are these days often addressed with AJAX instead."

The other claim that seems to have worked out though was, "That future languages and platforms will probably be deployed on .NET and Java VMs. The competition between the two seems to have a positive impact on both - locking out any competitors. That means, there's something to look forward to in Java 7 and .NET 3." This follows the news about JRuby: "JRuby has been getting more and more attention from folks within Sun, Rubyists around the world, and especially from Java developers anxious to escape from their Java-only prisons."
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