Sunday, December 03, 2006

Good Models - My Super-Turtle is Better than Yours

  • Standards and Pseudo Standards from Celebrating OWL interoperability and spec quality. Can a standard be based on a pseudo standard? Another posting also points to "An Investigation into the Feasibility of the Semantic Web" about the feasibility of integration using ontolgies.

  • Beyond Belief 2006 Session 5 includes Paul Davies (asks why the universe should even be understandable to human beings, why he's no longer a Platonist and levitating super-turtles) and Session 9 on why religion may have a place.

  • Agile Atheism "I am not agile because I don't believe in the agile religion and I don't accept its dogma. I like the engineering and planning practices that agile teams use - in the same way that I like people who do nice things (even when they do it because of fear of divine retribution). The difference is I don't want to be constrained by dogma into only doing those sensible things which are prescribed by agile. In the same way I don't like being prevented from doing sensible social things because of religious beliefs."

  • Jane's Rule for Loading Dishwashers "Compare this to test-driven development. There may be a little more effort when writing code, because you are writing programmer-tests to drive writing that code. It's an "unnatural" process, like sorting silverware into sub-bins when loading the dishwasher. But the true benefit comes later in the project (possibly just minutes or hours later), when you can rely on those programmer-tests to make refactoring safer. And since you fixed bugs during TDD, you have much less work fixing bugs later when it comes time to ship your product."

  • How can I get financial market information updated automatically to my spreadsheets?

  • 10 most intelligent / least intelligent dogs My dog is apparently the stupidest breed with regards to obedience. I'm not sure I'd call obedience a sign of intelligence (the complete opposite really).

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