Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ob. iPhone Comment

Apple's Son of Newton "Gibson learned that, like iPod, iPhone will have a non-removal battery. Let me repeat: The battery is fixed. Non-removable battery is a shortcoming If only Ffor a device with only five hours talk time and functions like Web browsing and music listening that sap power. Heck, Cingular sells the BlackJack with a spare battery in the box."

"With Zune, Microsoft adopted a more end-to-end approach of providing all the pieces (albeit, hardware from Toshiba). The Windows Mobile business model is Microsoft software and partner hardware. If Microsoft had considered releasing a Zune branded phone, greater debate inside the company is sure to follow."

So Apple's move seems quite smart compared to Microsoft's Zune and Smartphone combination. A lack of removable battery isn't so bad when you have cars and airlines all providing iPod integration. And reminds me of the lament of Douglas Adams' for a standard power adapter. The iPod dock connector provides a variety of 3.3, 5 and 12 volt pins depending if it's plugged into Firewire or USB. If only firewire had been that standard.

Microsoft isn't all bad, it announced to much fan fair the next version of Office for the Mac.
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