Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Dojo Data "As of January 2007, we have five simple datastores, which are included in dojo as example datastore implementations...dojo.data.RdfStore a read-write store that uses SPARQL to talk to RDF data servers including, for example, the Rhizome RDF application server"

From the source of RdfStore: "RdfStore provides a dojo.data Store for querying and updating a server that supports the SPARQL Query Result JSON format. (see http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-sparql-json-res/). It also maps RDF datatypes to Javascript objects. RdfStore makes following assumptions about the Result JSON: (1) The result always contains 3 bound variables named "s","p", and "o", and each result binding is treated as an RDF statement. (2) When saving changes to the store, the JSON "results" object will also contain a "deleted" key whose value is a list of deleted RDF resources."

Update: OAT: OpenAjax Alliance Compliant Toolkit "Ondrej Zara and his team at Openlink Software have created a Openlink Software JS Toolkit, known as OAT. It is a full-blown JS framework, suitable for developing rich applications with special focus to data access."

"OAT also provides Data Aware controls for the above that include...SVG based RDF Graph Control".

Only works in Opera and Firefow - IE doesn't support SVG.

"OAT is Open Source and GPL’ed over at sourceforge and the team has recently managed to incorporate our OAT data access layer as a module to dojo datastore."

Via Planet RDF.
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