Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Spring's ObjectFactory

More fun with Spring scopes "This time I would like to show another interesting application for the custom bean scopes. In this case conversation is bound to the page in web application (or even to each unique set of request parameters for that page). Practical examples include per-page caching of the static data (i.e. for Ajax use), allow page visitors to interact or edit page content together and many others..."

The Springframework reference has another example of using the ObjectFactory, "Knowing who you are". As noted, it doesn't move away from requiring Spring but it is slightly better than being BeanFactoryAware. The limiting factor on this is that if you need to create two types of objects you need two object factories. A generic object factory could do the trick and generics could be used to remove the casting too.

A recent InfoQ article, "Spring 2.0: What's New and Why it Matters", also has a section about the new bean scopes.
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