Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Death of Applets and AJAX

Hybridizing Java

So here’s my question. Allow for a moment the possibility that, after 10 years, Java is not going to take over the world of RIAs. Further allow that Ajax is just “how JavaScript was supposed to work in the first place,” but that the limitations imposed by browsers, HTML and CSS committees seem unlikely to let it expand beyond its current bounds. What are we going to use to build RIAs?

And the answer is?

The only obvious solution is Flash. Flash has always been all about cross-platform multimedia experiences and user interfaces. People are very familiar and comfortable with Flash, and it is installed on almost all machines in the world. It’s trusted, stable and reliable.

Do we just forget every 10 years what's going on, does anyone remember Flash Generator from 1998? And I still remember the horrible, inconsistent Flash UIs from that era. Has anything changed with Flex?

Via, Bruce Eckel: Use Flex as the UI for Java Applications
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