Thursday, April 19, 2007

Extending SPARQL

A few papers related to extending SPARQL, I may update this as I find more.

  • Apart from, SPARQ2L and PSPARQL there's also at the ESWC 2007 conference: iSPARQL (which uses SimPack) and SPARQLeR (which supports some quite sophisticated path queries)

  • SPARQL-DL: SPARQL Query for OWL-DL An enhancement of SPARQL to support DL semantics. And they note: "SPARQL-DL is a step between RDF QLs that are too unstructured w.r.t. OWL-DL and DL QLs which are not as expressive. We believe SPARQL-DL would help interoperability on the Semantic Web as it bridges this gap. As part of future work, we intend to investigate other possible extensions to SPARQL-DL including (but not limited to) aggregation operators, epistemic operators (and negation as failure), and regular expressions on OWL properties."

  • SPARQL/Update Adding INSERT, MODIFY, DELETE and UPDATE to SPARQL. I'd seen this before but hadn't linked to it.

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