Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jobs for my Dog

So I'm idly looking at the escalating real estate market and was considering ways my dog could finally make his living. So I thought back across jobs that I'd seen that could be done equally well by him:

  1. A station master. While this sounds like a job requiring thumbs, really not so much. The station being mastered no longer received any trains but still took truck deliveries. Not very many though. Now, the station master is unable to load or unload these deliveries - this is done by the drivers. So the job mainly consisted of watching people drop things off and pick things up; a job for my dog.

  2. Train driver. In recent memory an accident occurred that had the distinct posibility of being caused by both drivers doing things other than driving the train. The introduction of an automated systems was suggested to prevent it happening again. Driving an automated train is something that my dog could do quite well. Actually, he could do it twice as well and he wouldn't join the union. I'm not sure he'd stick to it as it would bore the heck out of him too.

  3. Doorman. Now normally this would require the ability to open and close doors. But more recently, I noticed there was a guy at a building watching an automatic door open and close. Maybe he gave directions or something but the door watching seemed to be his prime activity. I've seen my dog look attentively at the front door - he's very qualified.

  4. Network Administrator. Maybe the frontal lobes need to be developed further for this one but then again maybe not. The key activities undertaken for this position, that I've seen, revolved around attending meetings and playing Solitaire. I think my dog could do this job and he wouldn't even need a computer. Apparently, this is not an uncommon job amongst dogs.

  5. Phone Handler (?). These are the people I've found at the front of buildings saying, "Please use that phone to contact people before going up". Usually replaced by a sign, I think an indicative paw would do as well.

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