Sunday, June 03, 2007


I was struck by an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In it she says a moderate version of Islam cannot exist without disregarding parts of the Koran (and without thinking, questioning and debating). I'd always assumed this was true and thought it wouldn't bother me but I was surprised when it did. About half way through the interview she was prompted to give support for her claim that Islam does promote violence. She says there is a criteria for determining whether something is true and she quoted Sura (4:34). Without dancing around the subject it says when faced with a disobedient wife: shout at her, ignore her, and finally beat her. And as far as I can tell this is not up for dispute. It's a bit hard to describe and I'm sure I'd heard it before but for some reason it finally got to me.

So like, Timothy 2, 12 this is a religious statement, without allegory, that is clearly in conflict with modern laws and morals (assuming that morals can exist outside of religion).

I guess I'd always assumed people ignore bits that don't make sense. But as someone reading Timothy said, "What do you do when you are confronted with a finding in scripture that either goes against what you've always believed or at least contradicts what you would like to believe? There are really only two choices. Understand it, accept it and conform to it or reject it and go on doing whatever you want."
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