Wednesday, June 27, 2007

DERI at Google

The Semantic Web at Google (I found the movie here).

Starting from the end, Stefan was asked about inferencing and relationships. He basically responded that linked data is more practical and immediately useful and that the affect of Description Logics has been over estimated.

The highlight for me was the demo on how to construct user interfaces automatically (from about 20 minutes in). The algorithms are described in more detail in, Extending faceted navigation for RDF data.

They also talked a little about how Ruby was a good language for Semantic Web applications and referenced, ActiveRDF: Object-Oriented Semantic Web Programming.

The applications and tools demoed: SIOC Project, Active RDF, JeromeDL (digital library), BrowseRDF (automatically generated, facted UI) and S3B (social semantic search and browsing).
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