Friday, May 02, 2008

When URIs are too Much

Every Subject is a Blank Node "In RDF, URIs are good at defining unambiguous property values, in other words objects, including type. But very often, and maybe most of the time, the individual subject (in both meaning of subject of an RDF triple, and topic maps subject of conversation) is best represented as a blank node bearing all kinds of identified properties, but none of them conferring absolute identity. This way, it's left to applications to figure out identification rules, in other words which property or boolean combination of properties they want to consider as identifying or not."

From the mailing list: "With no URI, you are free to let applications decide which contexts are considered the same or not, based on specific rules on properties. Some applications would decide that all contexts where role "I" is played by "John Black" are the same, and will cluster all contextResource properties, some other will not."
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