Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Real Developers don't use Ruby

Hadoop: When grownups do open source. It's quite an amusing read - especially the part about the word count example on 9,000 blogs, the digg at Twitter, Starfish being practically useless (using MySQL and no Reduce phase) and the bit about understanding something being harder than writing a Ruby version of it.
"Twitter decided they would be cute and trendy. They wrote their code in Ruby: the official state language of the hipster-developer nation. Doug Cutting, on the other hand, decided he would get xxxx done, and wrote Hadoop in Java. Starling was hidden away in some corner and forgotten (it's hosted at RubyForge...). Hadoop lives prominently at the Apache Software Foundation. Starling is a re-hash of an existing Java Enterprise API called JMS that has several open source implementations. Hadoop is an implementation of Google's MapReduce, a system that publicly only existed on paper. Hadoop has the added benefit of actually working."
Ahh the joys of installing Visual Studio - enough time to install IntelliJ, run it up, and catch up on news.
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